LTL Trucking

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LTL Trucking | Allstate Express Trucking Inc. - Chicago, IL

Some freight and cargo transport justifies a full container, or a full load. Often, however, customers need cargo hauled, yet the size or amount of freight to be transported does not necessitate the use of a full truckload. In the business, we call this Partial Truck Loads, or Less That Truckloads (LTL transportation).

Examples might include smaller items such as pool tables and furniture all the way up to larger cargo like pallets of goods or large-scale construction materials. Whether your particular cargo weighs 100 pounds or 20,000 pounds, if it fits into our truck, Allstate Express Trucking, Inc. will deliver on time and on budget.

Some customers require nothing more than simple services, moving small amounts of cargo. Other customers necessitate a highly personalized freight delivery system. Either way, we can assist you with our fast, reliable and quality LTL trucking services.

Rest assured, here at Allstate Express Trucking, Inc. we have the experience and logistical processes necessary to move your dry freight from point A to point B mistake-free, damage-free, on time and on budget. We've seen it all and no job is too big or too small.

Here at Allstate Express Trucking, Inc., we understand how important reliable freight transport is to your business. Whatever the size and whatever the cargo, call us today and let us quickly and efficiently deliver for you!