Dry Freight

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Dry Freight | Allstate Express Trucking Inc. - Chicago, IL

Using semi-trucks to haul dry freight is still the most cost-effective method for transporting cargo. As a full-service dry freight transport company, we know that our customers rely on us to their equipment or materials to their specified location as quickly and as safely as possible.

We are equipped and experienced to handle all manner of specialized dry freight transport such as heavy machinery, large construction equipment, raw metals and other commodities, pallets of goods, etc. Our logistical expertise allows us to provide you with the highest levels of service and recommendations. Additionally, our experience with all sorts of various types of fry freight assures proper planning and execution, making sure everything arrives as it should and when it should.

As we have grown and expanded, one thing we have never lost sight of is the need to stay not only connected with, but personally related to all of customers. Our customers are not simply “jobs” for us to perform. We know that each contract is vital and of the upmost importance to each respective client. At Allstate Express Trucking, Inc., we sleep well at night knowing that each and every day we have done all we can do to exceed expectations on each and every dry freight shipment and cargo transport.

Whether your load is large, small or in between, Allstate Express Trucking, Inc. knows what it takes to keep your dry freight moving. Let us work for you!