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About Us | Allstate Express Trucking Inc. - Chicago, IL

Allstate Express Trucking, Inc. provides safe and expert dry freight transportation and LTL transportation for all of our Chicagoland clients. If your transport needs are large or small, our professional and licensed experts always place you and your cargo's best interests first.

Here at Allstate Express Trucking, Inc., we hold tight to the basic principles that have guided us since our founding - honesty, reliability, professionalism, quality and value to name a few. We firmly believe that these qualities define not only who we are, but the type of work that we aspire to perform.

Always moving forward, we constantly look to cultivate our continuing client relationships as well as grow new opportunities as we strive to offer new and improved services.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our professional and management team with years of experience in the trucking and shipping industry, is here to provide you with solutions, not problems. Our goal is to help you find quick, reliable and efficient solutions for all of your dry freight and LTL transportation needs.

As we have grown and expanded, one thing we have never lost sight of is the need to stay not only connected with, but personally linked to all of our clients. Our clients are not simply “jobs” to us. We know that each contract is vital and of the utmost importance to each respective client.

At Allstate Express Trucking, Inc., we sleep well at night knowing that each and every day we have done all we can do to exceed expectations on each and every freight shipment and cargo transport.

Whether your load is large, small or in between, Allstate Express Trucking, Inc. knows what it takes to keep your freight moving. Let us work for you!